Planning a winter wedding, party or event? Perhaps you’re going to thinking of announcing your engagement or even a small winter wedding.  All the details that go into planning a large wedding or event, are the exact same details that go into planning a small event. There are just less people to entertain. The thing about a holiday times event is that you are competing with so many other things that happen during the holidays. If it is a large wedding, chances are you are fine. If it is a smaller event, I suggest you share a few details with your guest to build excitement and ensure your guests not only are excited to attend but will keep talking about it for a long time

Working on the details, like food, food service, drinks, bartending and even clean up are a big part of the planning process. How many guest and what quantities are you going to need. Where will the food and beverages be presented? What time does the caterer need to arrive to start set up? I can assure you it will be right at the exact time when you, as hostess, will be wanting to get ready for your evening.  Having someone you know and trust to handle all these details can be a gift to yourself.

We help our clients with events of all sizes. Give us a call to see if we are available to help with your holiday event.