This is All New, For Each and Every One of Us

For years the average guest list for a wedding has been 150 to 250 people, but the Covid pandemic has changed that. Smaller celebrations are the new normal to keep us safe and follow social distancing rules.

The benefit of a smaller guest list is that it allows for greater flexibility with your budget. It enables you to spend more per person on creative food, alcohol, décor elements, video and photography.

Generally, the venue, food, beverage is about 50% of the overall budget, which makes many couples minimize other expenses for things they may have envisioned, but have to eliminate in order to stay within their budget. In other words, you may have had to give up accent lighting of the room or specialty linen in order to accommodate a larger guest list.

With a small intimate wedding, as opposed to a large guest list, couples have more time to focus on their close family, friends, and people who mean the most to them. As a result, the couple’s union becomes the focal point. Think of it as quality instead of quantity.

We have just recently coordinated a full-service planning “Boutique” (Covid result) wedding and as the planner, I witnessed so much love, joy, and happiness during the entire wedding that it was almost overwhelming. I really cannot adequately describe the joy that was felt by everyone during the entire event. Everyone wore masks and did their best to social distance. The guests were engaged and focused on the celebration of the couple. Because of Covid, the reception was set up with smaller tables for 2, 3, or 4 people (from the same household), which made it feel very intimate elegant.

The décor details were emphasized with beautiful linen, chargers, printed menus, and beautiful floral centerpieces. Before the ceremony our team placed reserved signs for the seating of each guest, as designated by the clients. For the 

Jewish Horah dance, where guests dance in circles holding each other’s hands, the mother of the bride provided long colorful ribbons that the guests held between them to help social distance. The couple placed personalized hand sanitizer bottles on each table along with personalized masks for all the guests.

Overall, the day was planned the same way as a larger wedding is planned, with all the expected and anticipated elements. just with a smaller number of guests attending. The couple also hired a media company to live stream the wedding to hundreds of guests around the world, who could not attend due to COVID, and that enabled them to feel part of the wedding celebration wherever they were.

This is all new for every one of us, we had no idea what to expect. However, we are very happy to say it was a great experience. Planning and coordinating this beautiful Boutique wedding brought us great joy in seeing the bride, groom, and their families having so much fun tying the knot to start their new life journey together.

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Warm regards,

Ruth Spirer

We Are Here For You and Ready To Help With Your Wedding

Weddings, as we have known them, may be very different for a while longer due to the Covid19 situation, but the beauty, romance and love that comes with a wedding remains in our memories for years to come. 

This was a lovely wedding that we did at The Hilton Anatole hotel in 2014 and it is still a wonderful reflection of a modern wedding. These beautiful images captured by Sharon Ellman, owner of Ellman Photography, serve as a reminder of everything we love about weddings.

As a professional wedding planning company, we are steadfast in our concern for your health and safety as well as your guests’ safety.  We are currently planning our clients’ weddings to take place this fall. We are ready to follow any government guidelines and will work closely with the venues and vendors to ensure that our clients and their guests are healthy and safe while celebrating. It may be on a smaller scale with some regulations to follow, but we will make it happen and will create intimate and meaningful events. 

We are here to help you with your wedding plans for the remainder of 2020 and for 2021. 

We have a selection of different services to offer and we can also assist you with the process of rescheduling your wedding, if needed. 

Let us be a part of your special day!

Ruth Spirer
Weddings and Events by Ruth 

The Art of Crafting the Perfect Wedding and telling the story

Wedding Planners are creative and can transform an idea into something tangible. A good experienced planner can bring your vision to life. We start with your hopes and dreams and come up with a theme that is within your budget guidelines. Creativity helps facilitate problem solving. Thinking creatively to find solutions to issues has a positive impact on the success of your wedding. Having experience and a core group of vendors that you trust is essential to the success of a well-crafted wedding.

Wedding planners are multitaskers. During the stages of the planning process, there are a multitude of tasks that need to be managed. We help you to negotiate vendor contracts, interview respective vendors, and examine your entertainment options. As a boutique wedding planning company, we limit the number of clients we work with and this also allows us to minimize the amount of multi-tasking that needs to be done, thus assuring the best possible outcome for your wedding.

Good communication skills and a talent for listening are essential in wedding planning. Poor communication can culminate in numerous problems for both the client and the planner. That said, we make reviewing contracts a priority. We make sure that everything is stated clearly and precisely with our clients and their selected vendors.

Verbal communication is also important. A planner needs to be a good verbal communicator in order to explain the scope and vision of a plan. A good planner must be able to adequately communicate your vision to a vendor, to address any questions you may have regarding what the vendor is providing and artfully conferring all the details, rates and options.

People skills are crucial. Knowing how to relate to different personalities, how to connect with someone and make a positive impression is a key to success. Being personable is an essential skill for any wedding or event planner. The better relationships a planner builds with the vendors they work with the more the clients may benefit from it and get great results for their event.

Crafting a wedding requires a specific skill set and crafting a beautiful wedding takes experience and talent. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations and nothing gives us greater joy than seeing the smiling happy faces of our clients and their guests at the end of the day!

How I Prepare My Clients For A Floral Consultation

Flowers and décor are an important part of a wedding and as a wedding planner, it is one of the many items I help my clients with.

Before we go and visit a florist for a consultation, I like to prepare my clients. The first thing I do to help my clients is discuss their overall vision for their wedding and together we go over pictures for inspiration. We discuss overall style and “feel” of the wedding, what they like or dislike and how high in priority is the décor for them.

I help my client define their style and translate their vison into the right terminology. For example, do they prefer a traditional style – more tailored, rounded shapes of bouquets or centerpieces, no greenery, very classic with more focus on the blooms? Are they drawn more towards a modern style– clean and simple with focus on the greenery, more movement in the design and an organic look?

The next step is to look at their budget and how much they can or are willing to spend on the overall décor, which includes not only flowers, but also other elements, such as linen, chargers, lighting and furniture rentals, it all adds up quickly. Flowers hanging from the ceiling look spectacular but are very costly due to the large amounts of floral required and many hours of labor… so having realistic expectations is important. Guiding my clients and educating them on the costs, prioritizing what is necessary and what is within budget is a valuable experience I provide my clients

The next step is visiting the florist, go over all the specifics and receive the initial consultation. Together with the florist I help my clients come up with ideas of how to save on the overall floral expense. For example, choosing fillers that will contribute to a fuller look of the design but with less expensive flowers etc. One example are large Lillies or Peonies, they are beautiful but are expensive floral compared to roses or many other blooms. Garden roses are glamorous but do not last as long as regular roses and are typically triple the cost.

We also look at how we can REPURPOSE, using décor for the ceremony and moving it later to the reception, or having the bouquets placed on some of the guest tables surrounded by lots of candles.
At this point the florist will prepare a proposal for my clients and once it’s all agreed they will sign the contract and we will continue developing their vision and tweak the proposal as needed.

One important step I like to suggest to my clients is having the florist prepare a prototype, about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. I like to arrange it, when it is possible, at the time they are having a tasting at the venue or caterer. We can setup a table with the selected linen and have the centerpiece placed on that table. At that point the clients can analyze the prototype and make changes in colors and style. I find this step very helpful to many of my clients, especially when floral and décor are top priority for them. It makes them feel more confident about the end result.

Let Weddings and Events by Ruth help you create the wedding of your dreams!


The 2020 Wedding Trends

Today’s weddings have become less about tradition and more about choosing your own adventure with the biggest wedding trends being all about individuality. The industry has evolved, and brides are no longer pigeonholed in their decision making. Check out these 2020 wedding trends by category.


Wedding Dresses

 If you have been dreaming of wearing a big white gown on your wedding day, you won’t find a shortage of options. The new generation of bridal designers are offering up a world of choices for the bride who doesn’t want to look too “bridal” or wants to wow her guests in multiple looks on her wedding day. Names to have on your radar include Dana Harel, Hermione de Paula, Monica Byrne, Danielle Frankel, just to name a few.

Danielle Frankel

Wedding Rings 

Couples are choosing their rings together – both the engagement ring and wedding bands. There has been a spike in popularity for cushion-cut, hand-mined diamonds (a square cut with rounded corners, like Jessica Biel’s engagement ring) and predicts a rise in yellow-gold rather than platinum bands, alongside Art Deco pieces. “Couples want the rings that tell their story”.


The Veil

 There is something uniquely romantic and timeless about a veil. Brides are seeing the value in creating an heirloom piece to pass down or display in their home as art long after the event. Whether you are wearing a classical gown or contemporary fashion, the veil is your opportunity to create something personal, a little bold still bridal. The veil is no longer simply a wedding day accessory, but another opportunity to shout about your Love.

Havi Frost Photography
Amy Herfurth Photography / Lizzie Bee’s Flower

Bridesmaid Dresses

 Having bridesmaids is one tradition that will never die, but the question of how to dress them has evolved. Some labels are coming to the rescue of brides who want to showcase their friends’ personalities, rather than putting them in a pastel uniform. Mix and match styles with contrasting colors, necklines and prints are thankfully on the rise, with labels like Reformation, Needle & Thread and Les Héroïnes by Vanessa Cocchiaro making the task of keeping your closest friends happy on the day a little easier.

Thread and Needle
Thread and Needle
Leto Bridal


The undone bun or freshly washed and tousled tresses are becoming the new normal for brides keen to avoid traditional or overly coiffed hairstyles.

Amy Herfurth Photography

Sustainable Weddings

Brides are looking for ways to reduce the environmental and ethical impact of their weddings. Last year Princess Eugenie made plans for a plastic-free wedding. There are numerous ways to make your wedding sustainable – from using wedding stationery made from recycled paper to selecting a catering company that sources ethical, local and organic produce. In place of favors, ask for a charitable donation to your favorite charity. 


Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes have evolved from the traditional fruit and fondant into towering works of art covered in anything from edible flowers to dripped icing, brush strokes to gin flavoring. 

Havi Frost Photography


Still remains dramatic with lighting a key focus. Utilizing a mix of table shapes and sizes to create a fun relaxed party atmosphere is still a leading trend. 

Havi Frost Photography

We strive to keep up on industry trends with continued education opportunities. This enables us to help guide our clients in designing the wedding of their dreams.

Amy Herfurth Photography

Do Your Wedding Vendors Belong To A Professional Association?

Most industries have professional organizations. In Dallas we are very fortunate to have multiple professional associations that speak to differences in the event industry. There is NACE; the National Association of Catering and Events, MPI; Meeting Professionals International, SWP: The Society of Wedding Professionals, AACWP: American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, and the list goes on. Being involved on any level is important for a number of reasons.
Professional associations in the event industry offer an opportunity to collaborate with professionals, who work towards the common goal of promoting and improving the event industry. These organizations champion their members by providing resources, information, and opportunities they might not have had otherwise.

Members are bonded together as they advocate for their peers and share their challenges and triumphs with one another. Joining an association provides members with a competitive advantage because they become active in their industry. They keep up with trends, techniques and advances in their industry as well as any new legislative rulings. Many associations offer multiple levels of certifications. In addition, being a member of good standing in a professional organization credentials their business in professionalism and competency.

Associations provide unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing individuals to connect with their peers, mentors, and other industry leaders. As a member, they are in the unique position to attend conventions, seminars, award dinners and other related events with like-minded professionals in the field. These events are attended by the brightest minds and are a hotbed of ideas and collaborative efforts.

I am proud to me a member in good standing with SWP as well as being on the board of AACWP. My years of experience as a professional have led me to where I am today and being a member of both of these valuable associations has provided me with opportunities and benefits too numerous to list on one page. The main benefit is the abundance of knowledge and continuing education I have received through the years and continue to receive, which also benefits my clients.

Ruth Spirer

Day of Coordination, Partial Planning, or Full-Service Wedding Planning? What service is right for you?

Have you ever wondered about the different levels of services offered by Wedding Planners? In talking to potential clients, I am often asked what is the difference between full service and partial service or day of coordination service? There are some very important differences to be aware of that I would like to shed some light on.

Full-service wedding planning means that we are there for you, every step of the way, from the engagement to the BIG DAY. We handle all the details with you. We start with getting to know you as a couple, what matters to you the most and what your budget is. Then we match you with the right venue and vendors. We help you to make choices from table settings to floral, décor rentals, even your cake or dessert presentation. We don’t take the decisions away from you, we merely make them easier for you.

Partial Service can often depend on where you are in your planning process. Some clients come to us having already chosen several of their vendors. They have selected their venue, have signed contracts, but feel overwhelmed with their myriad remaining to-do list. We then step in and take it from there to complete all wedding tasks and assist our clients during the time leading to the wedding and on the actual wedding day.

Some couples just want “Day Of” service, which is in itself a confusing term. An experienced wedding planner cannot just show up on the day of your wedding and ensure everything will go smoothly. We need to have time to speak to all of the vendors you have hired and become acquainted with how they work and what was contracted with the clients. We review their contracts, so we are fully prepared for all expectations within each vendors contract. We want to get to know your family members, learn about your expectations and any issues that we should be prepared for.

This is why we start working with you 8 weeks before the wedding, which gives us enough time to get familiarized with what you have planned and make sure we execute your wedding day, just as you have dreamt it to be. We take time to learn everything we can about you, the venue and the vendors involved, we develop a timeline for your ceremony and reception and direct the rehearsal and your wedding day.

No matter which service you choose, be assured that on your big day, we will be with you from early in the day until the last wedding gift is tucked away and all the vendors are gone, making sure nothing valuable is left behind.

Needless to say, this is not a short task list, but this is our full-time job.

If you have questions regarding our services and how we can help, please contact us. We would love to have a conversation with you!

Personalizing Your Wedding

Personalizing your wedding is what is making it special and unique just as you are as a couple. There are so many ways you can personalize your wedding. Your invitation is the first impression that your invited guests will receive from you and it will share the theme of your wedding. What is your personal style?

Do you prefer a modern combination of food stations? Whether a salad in a Margarita glass, a mashed potato bar, a French fry bar or even a frozen popsicle station, you can really have fun with it.  What about a signature cocktail? You come up with the recipe of your favorite alcohol and have your names as the cocktail name.

Even your ceremony can be personalized. Who will walk you down the aisle? What music do you want to walk to? Will you have a talented friend or family sing for you when you walk down the aisle? Will you read each other’s love notes when you have your “First Look” captured by your photographer?

One of our lovely couples had the canopy for their chuppah created with garment remnants of their family members. Another couple used beading and lace from a grandmother’s wedding gown to accent their sweetheart table.

Your guest tables at the reception- will you name the tables after places in the world you traveled to? Maybe you would name the tables after songs or shows you love? The options and ideas are truly endless.

We are here to help you create the wedding that will reflect your uniqueness. Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

Havi Frost Photography The Westin Dallas Downtown hotel A Man and A Woman Floral – John

Havi Frost Photography The Westin Dallas Downtown hotel

Gary Donihoo with F8 Studio The Westin Downtown Dallas hotel A Taste of The World Kosher Catering

Winn Fuqua Photography Union Station

Amy Herfurth Photography Union Station Bella Flora

Amy Herfurth Photography Union Station

Photographer: Amy Herfurth Photography Venue: Omni Dallas Hotel

Sil Azevedo Photography Hotel ZaZa

Photo: Tiffany Hopwood photography Flowers: Flourish Floral Design Venue: The Milestone Denton

Christina Wisner Photography Level 2

Lindsey Shae Photography

2019 Wedding Color Trends

Brighter, richer and bolder shades of orange, pink, yellow and red are the anticipated colors you will see in weddings in 2019.

Shades of purple, violet and periwinkle along with silver and sage complement the muted green shades of jade and moss.  Tones that also pair well with the earth tones of taupe, dove, grey, and soft browns.

Dusty Rose and pink are perfect for any wedding any season. Dusty rose works well with so many combinations. Dusty rose and navy, dusty rose and soft blue, dusty rose and grey or dusty rose and blush.

Dusty orange is the new pink for 2019. And unlike the traditional fall colors, dusty orange feels more elegant and works beautifully with fall linen and dress colors. It feels like fall and romance, always a win when planning wedding décor colors.

Then we have sun yellow. It may be the color of the summer for 2019.  It is fresh and feels like summer a time when people are relaxed and festive.  It is also a bold color and one that will be memorable for years to come.

Our next color option is Berry Pink, which offers a fresh millennial version of burgundy can work well with any season and multiple colors of flowers. It is sophisticated and elegant and compliments any skin tone.

We finish with Dusty Blue, the color that has gained popularity in 2018 and will continue in 2019. It offers sophistication and pairs well with other shades of blue including slate and navy. It is great any time of the year and because florals are limited in blue tones, this is going to be a color that you will want to make sure you accent and attire, table linens, and printed materials.

Whether you are in a garden, an open space or an enclosed room, this palette offers timeless appeal. Add to it the soft grey chiffon dresses and modern black tuxes making it a fun, elegant and timeless look.

Amy Herfurth Photography, Branching Out Floral and Event Design, Prestonwood Country Club.

Image from Pinterest



Havi Frost Photography, Fluers De France Floral, Westin Park Central Hotel.

We love helping our clients make these types of choices. Helping our brides create the wedding of her dreams brings us great joy. Let us share our experience and time with you. Contact us to talk about your upcoming event.

Ruth Spirer

A Milestone Wedding

Milestone Event Center

Today’s Dallas brides have an overwhelming list of options to choose from in terms of wedding venues. There are well over 750 venue options from rustic to garden to five-star elegance. How do you make the best decision for your wedding?

It can be confusing. First of all, there is your personal style. Do you want a rustic Texas style wedding or an elegant sit-down dinner, or maybe something in-between? How many guests will be invited? Do you need room for a band or a DJ? Do you want your ceremony at the same venue as the reception?

Does the venue supply lighting or do you need to bring it in? Do you need space for food stations or do you feel a sit-down dinner is more your style? What kind of a GRAND EXITdo you want to have? So many factors go into the decision-making process.

This wedding of Carly and Andrew for 150 guests, took place at the beautiful TheMilestone Denton. The bride wore a lovely cream color gown while the bridesmaids had on different styles of merlot toned dresses and the men were in modern blue suits with merlot ties. The white birch chuppah was provided by ‘The Father of the Bride, Hand-Crafted Ceremony Rentals’. The top of the chuppah was hand-made by a family friend that incorporated parts of the bride’s grandmother and great grandmother’s lace from their wedding dresses as well as the Talit (prayer shawl) used by the bride’s grandfathers.

The flowers were designed by Flourish Floral Design,who did a great job with the terrariums and lanterns. The three-tiered cake was created by Cake-Aholics Bakery. The bride and groom both love Lego’s, so they had a Lego bride and groom cake topper and put Lego pieces on the escort cards.

The evening was topped off with the majesty of a fireworks by Precision Fireworks and captured by Tiffany Hopwood Photography and by videographer, Mark Campbell.

What is your dream wedding? Let us help you turn your dream into a reality!

Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

Wedding Party

Birch Branch Chuppah


Table Decor