There are many factors that affect how weddings are planned and I have seen many changes in trends over the past year that I wanted to share.

A Rehearsal Dinner is not just about dinner for out-of-town guests. Many couples are choosing to have ALL their speeches done at the rehearsal dinner, so that the reception the following day is a true PARTY without interruptions. Couples choose to have more wedding party members speak at the Rehearsal Dinner as they feel this is more of an intimate event. Rehearsal dinners are becoming more casual and many take place at restaurants or at unique event venues, and many more couples are having the rehearsal dinner captured on video, so they can relive it again later.

Wedding Colors have become softer and richer with colors like lilac, cinnamon, taupe, and merlot. The Bridesmaids dresses are often at different lengths and style for each bridesmaid within the same color palette. Dresses may also be different shades within a color palette, which makes it different and interesting.

I have seen more financial involvement of the couple getting married along with BOTH sets of parents, which helps a lot with the budget overall. This also contributes to a teamwork where everyone is involved in the planning of the wedding making it more meaningful for both families.

I have seen an increase in the use of beautiful sculpted faux wedding cakes that are on display throughout the duration of the wedding reception, while guests are served sheet cake from the kitchen.

Late Night Snacks as well as after parties are very popular. We have done everything from a French Fries Bar to Churros served with Chocolate, Hot Chocolate & Donuts, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Milk and Cookies, Corn Dogs and Kabob skewers, the sky is the limit on this one.

Live Bands are very much in demand and couples are looking for great energy bands that keep the guests on the dance floor and make the reception a party.

Couples are putting more emphasis on wedding décor like neon signs on boxwood walls, flower walls, specialty charger plates and specialty linen. White glossy dance floors and stage facades have also become very popular. Simple or outstanding, these kinds of touches add a lot to the overall impression your guests take away.

The photojournalistic style of photography style is very popular and in demand. With this approach the photographer captures the magic that is already there and tells the story through candid shots which requires less posing and direction by the photographer and makes for a more natural image.

Live streaming has become very popular during COVID when weddings were very small, and many guests could not attend. With the live stream guests can watch the wedding from their home wherever they are in the world and share in the couple’s special day. And while VIDEO remains popular, videos now look like feature films with smooth shots showing a highlight of the day as it unfolds naturally.

Being a Boutique Wedding Planner allows me to take more time to focus on each of my clients and help them achieve every detail they envision.

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