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Having a great rapport with wedding industry vendors makes life as a wedding planner much easier.  When a planner works with vendors they have established a relationship with, they already know what to expect of them and what they’ll need.  Keeping a good working relationship and having another vendor supporting you as the planner and recognizing you for your work speaks volumes.  If the bride or couple likes the vendors they’ve already booked, they will most likely feel the same towards the vendors that have been recommended. Maintaining and fostering vendor relationships is imperative to the success of any event.

It is important to remember that being an event planner isn’t a one-man show. We are not the only one working to pull the event together. Our vendors are working as hard, right along with us. As a professional event and wedding planner, it’s our job to relay information from the vendors to the client. Vendors appreciate when planners get them information in a timely manner and can problem-solve with them regarding any issues the client may have. We act as a liaison between the client and the vendors.

The business relationships planners’ form with other wedding vendors is integral to their success. We all work, as one strong team for one mutual goal and that is to fulfill and exceed our clients’ expectations and make their wedding day the BEST experience!


WEDDINGS & EVENTS BY RUTH would like to THANK all the dedicated vendors we have been working with through the years who helped us make our clients HAPPY! We appreciate you very much and would not be as successful without your support!


Ruth Spirer