Wedding Planners are creative and can transform an idea into something tangible. A good experienced planner can bring your vision to life. We start with your hopes and dreams and come up with a theme that is within your budget guidelines. Creativity helps facilitate problem solving. Thinking creatively to find solutions to issues has a positive impact on the success of your wedding. Having experience and a core group of vendors that you trust is essential to the success of a well-crafted wedding.

Wedding planners are multitaskers. During the stages of the planning process, there are a multitude of tasks that need to be managed. We help you to negotiate vendor contracts, interview respective vendors, and examine your entertainment options. As a boutique wedding planning company, we limit the number of clients we work with and this also allows us to minimize the amount of multi-tasking that needs to be done, thus assuring the best possible outcome for your wedding.

Good communication skills and a talent for listening are essential in wedding planning. Poor communication can culminate in numerous problems for both the client and the planner. That said, we make reviewing contracts a priority. We make sure that everything is stated clearly and precisely with our clients and their selected vendors.

Verbal communication is also important. A planner needs to be a good verbal communicator in order to explain the scope and vision of a plan. A good planner must be able to adequately communicate your vision to a vendor, to address any questions you may have regarding what the vendor is providing and artfully conferring all the details, rates and options.

People skills are crucial. Knowing how to relate to different personalities, how to connect with someone and make a positive impression is a key to success. Being personable is an essential skill for any wedding or event planner. The better relationships a planner builds with the vendors they work with the more the clients may benefit from it and get great results for their event.

Crafting a wedding requires a specific skill set and crafting a beautiful wedding takes experience and talent. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations and nothing gives us greater joy than seeing the smiling happy faces of our clients and their guests at the end of the day!