When we meet with a new client, we first want to understand the couples overall vision. We have our clients fill out a detailed questionnaire and then we have a meeting to go over the questionnaire and discuss it. Once we have a good understanding of what the bride and the couple envision, we will custom tailor a design plan to start turning their vision into reality.

For this wedding, our bride envisioned a very sparkly wedding with a metallic touch, a big bash, unique, dressed up and glamorous. She told us she wanted the wedding to be formal, elegant, classy, tasteful,  loving and overall SPECTECULAR! When we started working, the bride had already selected her venue, which was a contemporary and “outside the box” venue as she had envisioned.

The bride’s favorite colors were: black, white, gold, silver and fuchsia . She wanted the centerpieces to set the mood in the reception room. She told us she loved tall, lush and volume centerpieces incorporating her favorite flowers: Orchids, hydrangeas and roses in bold colors and adding lots of candles. Many times, as we experienced, through the planning process, bride or couples have a vision at the beginning and then ideas change or evolve as we continue the planning. In this wedding, later in the process, the bride had the idea of adding black feathers to her centerpieces and to the chuppah and we worked closely with florist to create this vision

Other elements of the wedding were also planned to match the ambiance and “feel” of the wedding the couple wanted. Their vision was for the wedding to be warm, festive and high spirit and reflect lots of happiness. They wanted their guests to be engaged and chose a high energy band for the reception that kept everyone on the dance floor. For dessert they preferred to have a dessert station with lots of mini creative and delicious desserts and candies to add to the fun. For their ceremony, the couple wanted a very traditional Jewish wedding and incorporated beautiful and meaningful traditions.SaveSave