Plans for the perfect wedding are in every bride’s dreams.  She envisions the way she will look in her wedding dress, her prince charming smiling at her under the chuppah and the Rabbi getting a laugh from all her friends and family gathered for the biggest day of her life.

What couples don’t envision are the potential problems that can come up, such as the Rabbi they’d like for their wedding is not available and there is a need to find the right Rabbi to fit the bride and groom’s ceremony vision or denomination.  Sometimes, the couple’s dream venue doesn’t have a Kosher kitchen so a kosher caterer must be brought in to fulfill the requirements of kosher food served at the event.  There are always details that a bride planning her own wedding will miss.  That is why it is a good idea to hire a certified wedding planner.  I’d like to share an email I received from my client after I helped her resolve an unexpected issue that arose close to the wedding date.

“Thank you for being there and having solutions.  I needed to vent but I also needed solutions and I was like who do I call?!!  Who is going to understand??   I’m definitely glad that I emailed you.  And today proved without a doubt why it was SO important for me to not just have a wedding planner, but a Jewish wedding planner because you know exactly where I’m coming from.  So Baruch Hashem for having your name pop up on Google.  I wasn’t even searching for a wedding planner at the time either!!  It was definitely meant to be.  Thank you thank you thank you.” – Stephanie, Ft. Worth, TX

My multicultural understanding, planning experience and extended training came into play as I found options the bride and groom would be happy with to resolve the various hiccups.  As you can see from the review we were given on WeddingWire after the wedding, Stephanie was glad she made the decision to hire a certified wedding planner to plan her wedding.

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