Wedding planning is our career and our passion. We focus on helping you plan your dream wedding and we want you to have fun doing it!

We know the in’s and the out’s of creating a unique event. We have connections with the most talented and reliable vendors and venues in the DFW metro and we have years of experience with wedding styles to share with you. We have vast knowledge with different cultures and while we specialize in Jewish weddings, we know how to handle the many unique moving parts of a wedding, no matter what your traditions are.

What is the cost of a wedding planner and more important can you afford it?

While the cost of a wedding planner may seem as an additional line item in your budget, having a professional planner will save you much more in time and expenses. We strive to work with your budget to match you with the best vendors in the wedding industry and help you save money wherever it is possible.

Not two weddings are alike, so we offer different planning and coordination packages to fit your needs and budget.

What can a professional wedding planner do for you? 

Make the process of planning your event much easier than you ever imagined.  We save you the hassle of difficult and costly decision making.  We walk through it all with you, so that you get to enjoy the process without the stress of doing all the work yourself and you get to enjoy your event on the day of.

What is important to look for when you select a wedding planner to work with?

Years of professional experience


Affiliation with Professional Associations

Personality match, flexibility and customer service

References from happy past clients and from industry vendors

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