Most industries have professional organizations. In Dallas we are very fortunate to have multiple professional associations that speak to differences in the event industry. There is NACE; the National Association of Catering and Events, MPI; Meeting Professionals International, SWP: The Society of Wedding Professionals, AACWP: American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, and the list goes on. Being involved on any level is important for a number of reasons.
Professional associations in the event industry offer an opportunity to collaborate with professionals, who work towards the common goal of promoting and improving the event industry. These organizations champion their members by providing resources, information, and opportunities they might not have had otherwise.

Members are bonded together as they advocate for their peers and share their challenges and triumphs with one another. Joining an association provides members with a competitive advantage because they become active in their industry. They keep up with trends, techniques and advances in their industry as well as any new legislative rulings. Many associations offer multiple levels of certifications. In addition, being a member of good standing in a professional organization credentials their business in professionalism and competency.

Associations provide unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing individuals to connect with their peers, mentors, and other industry leaders. As a member, they are in the unique position to attend conventions, seminars, award dinners and other related events with like-minded professionals in the field. These events are attended by the brightest minds and are a hotbed of ideas and collaborative efforts.

I am proud to me a member in good standing with SWP as well as being on the board of AACWP. My years of experience as a professional have led me to where I am today and being a member of both of these valuable associations has provided me with opportunities and benefits too numerous to list on one page. The main benefit is the abundance of knowledge and continuing education I have received through the years and continue to receive, which also benefits my clients.

Ruth Spirer