Have you ever wondered about the different levels of services offered by Wedding Planners? In talking to potential clients, I am often asked what is the difference between full service and partial service or day of coordination service? There are some very important differences to be aware of that I would like to shed some light on.

Full-service wedding planning means that we are there for you, every step of the way, from the engagement to the BIG DAY. We handle all the details with you. We start with getting to know you as a couple, what matters to you the most and what your budget is. Then we match you with the right venue and vendors. We help you to make choices from table settings to floral, décor rentals, even your cake or dessert presentation. We don’t take the decisions away from you, we merely make them easier for you.

Partial Service can often depend on where you are in your planning process. Some clients come to us having already chosen several of their vendors. They have selected their venue, have signed contracts, but feel overwhelmed with their myriad remaining to-do list. We then step in and take it from there to complete all wedding tasks and assist our clients during the time leading to the wedding and on the actual wedding day.

Some couples just want “Day Of” service, which is in itself a confusing term. An experienced wedding planner cannot just show up on the day of your wedding and ensure everything will go smoothly. We need to have time to speak to all of the vendors you have hired and become acquainted with how they work and what was contracted with the clients. We review their contracts, so we are fully prepared for all expectations within each vendors contract. We want to get to know your family members, learn about your expectations and any issues that we should be prepared for.

This is why we start working with you 8 weeks before the wedding, which gives us enough time to get familiarized with what you have planned and make sure we execute your wedding day, just as you have dreamt it to be. We take time to learn everything we can about you, the venue and the vendors involved, we develop a timeline for your ceremony and reception and direct the rehearsal and your wedding day.

No matter which service you choose, be assured that on your big day, we will be with you from early in the day until the last wedding gift is tucked away and all the vendors are gone, making sure nothing valuable is left behind.

Needless to say, this is not a short task list, but this is our full-time job.

If you have questions regarding our services and how we can help, please contact us. We would love to have a conversation with you!