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Toasts and Trends Are Making The Party

I am fortunate to have been in the DFW event industry for 18 years. I have seen styles and trends come and go, while some things remain traditional. The purpose of my first interview with a new client is to get to know each other and to talk about their vision for their wedding.

For me, the most enjoyable part of what I do is helping my clients exceed their expectations for their wedding. I always suggest -think big, do not shortchange yourself. Your vision should be everything you want, and then we can work on how to budget for it. Because if you start with the budget first, you will never know if you could have afforded something that was truly important to you.

One of the biggest issues many brides face is trying to decide on the colors they want to go with. It can be a hard decision. is a website that lets you virtually play with flowers and dress colors. Traditionally the bridesmaids would choose contrasting dress colors to the bride. Now I am seeing bridesmaids wear cream tones, off-white, and blush that are very similar to the bride’s gown color. Wedding parties are often more monochromatic with less color contrast and mothers of the bride and groom are trending in silver and gold tones as accent colors. Lately, I have seen brides choose an immediate family in place of friends for their wedding party to keep it simple.

Speeches and Toasts have moved to the rehearsal dinner and are not finding a place at the reception. The trend is from the wedding ceremony to The Party. There is less focus on the dinner and more focus on mixed food stations that transition to the party.

And while the couple may have a small cake for photography, the trend is to serve dessert options in place of traditional wedding cake for the guests.

The bottom line is to make your wedding about your style and what you want. Do not settle for second best because you might be able to afford your dream by cutting back on something less important to you.

Ruth Spirer

Jennifer Yarbro Photography

Jennifer Yarbro Photography

Amy Herfurth Photography


Amy Herfurth Photography, Dessert by Hotel Crescent Court





Sil Azevedo Photography







Jenny Martel Photography







I Am A Planner Who Wants To Hear Your Ideas!

Wedding planning is our career and our passion. We focus on helping you plan your dream wedding and we want you to have fun doing it!

We know the in’s and the out’s of creating a unique event. We have connections with the most talented and reliable vendors and venues in the DFW metro and we have years of experience with wedding styles to share with you. We have vast knowledge with different cultures and while we specialize in Jewish weddings, we know how to handle the many unique moving parts of a wedding, no matter what your traditions are.

What is the cost of a wedding planner and more important can you afford it?

While the cost of a wedding planner may seem as an additional line item in your budget, having a professional planner will save you much more in time and expenses. We strive to work with your budget to match you with the best vendors in the wedding industry and help you save money wherever it is possible.

Not two weddings are alike, so we offer different planning and coordination packages to fit your needs and budget.

What can a professional wedding planner do for you? 

Make the process of planning your event much easier than you ever imagined.  We save you the hassle of difficult and costly decision making.  We walk through it all with you, so that you get to enjoy the process without the stress of doing all the work yourself and you get to enjoy your event on the day of.

What is important to look for when you select a wedding planner to work with?

Years of professional experience


Affiliation with Professional Associations

Personality match, flexibility and customer service

References from happy past clients and from industry vendors

Christina Wisner Photography

Jennifer Yarbro Photography

What’s Up With Your Relationships / The Relationship Between Planners and Vendors

Sil Azavedo Photography


Having a great rapport with wedding industry vendors makes life as a wedding planner much easier.  When a planner works with vendors they have established a relationship with, they already know what to expect of them and what they’ll need.  Keeping a good working relationship and having another vendor supporting you as the planner and recognizing you for your work speaks volumes.  If the bride or couple likes the vendors they’ve already booked, they will most likely feel the same towards the vendors that have been recommended. Maintaining and fostering vendor relationships is imperative to the success of any event.

It is important to remember that being an event planner isn’t a one-man show. We are not the only one working to pull the event together. Our vendors are working as hard, right along with us. As a professional event and wedding planner, it’s our job to relay information from the vendors to the client. Vendors appreciate when planners get them information in a timely manner and can problem-solve with them regarding any issues the client may have. We act as a liaison between the client and the vendors.

The business relationships planners’ form with other wedding vendors is integral to their success. We all work, as one strong team for one mutual goal and that is to fulfill and exceed our clients’ expectations and make their wedding day the BEST experience!


WEDDINGS & EVENTS BY RUTH would like to THANK all the dedicated vendors we have been working with through the years who helped us make our clients HAPPY! We appreciate you very much and would not be as successful without your support!


Ruth Spirer



When we meet with a new client, we first want to understand the couples overall vision. We have our clients fill out a detailed questionnaire and then we have a meeting to go over the questionnaire and discuss it. Once we have a good understanding of what the bride and the couple envision, we will custom tailor a design plan to start turning their vision into reality.

For this wedding, our bride envisioned a very sparkly wedding with a metallic touch, a big bash, unique, dressed up and glamorous. She told us she wanted the wedding to be formal, elegant, classy, tasteful,  loving and overall SPECTECULAR! When we started working, the bride had already selected her venue, which was a contemporary and “outside the box” venue as she had envisioned.

The bride’s favorite colors were: black, white, gold, silver and fuchsia . She wanted the centerpieces to set the mood in the reception room. She told us she loved tall, lush and volume centerpieces incorporating her favorite flowers: Orchids, hydrangeas and roses in bold colors and adding lots of candles. Many times, as we experienced, through the planning process, bride or couples have a vision at the beginning and then ideas change or evolve as we continue the planning. In this wedding, later in the process, the bride had the idea of adding black feathers to her centerpieces and to the chuppah and we worked closely with florist to create this vision

Other elements of the wedding were also planned to match the ambiance and “feel” of the wedding the couple wanted. Their vision was for the wedding to be warm, festive and high spirit and reflect lots of happiness. They wanted their guests to be engaged and chose a high energy band for the reception that kept everyone on the dance floor. For dessert they preferred to have a dessert station with lots of mini creative and delicious desserts and candies to add to the fun. For their ceremony, the couple wanted a very traditional Jewish wedding and incorporated beautiful and meaningful traditions.SaveSave


What You Can Expect From US

What You Can Expect From Us

  I am Ruth Spirer, owner of Weddings & Events by Ruth. As a professional planner, I have been trained to make sure that every need of the bride and groom as well as their families, is met from the planning process to the last dance.  My team and I will take the time to interview you thoroughly to acquire a personal connection to your vision and personal taste for you’re wedding.

  • WE will offer you vendor choices based on that information and will set up and attend interviews with you.
  • WE will scrutinize contracts and advise you so that you are able to make an educated decision.
  • WE will be in touch with you, the venue and the vendors throughout the planning process and we will be there to oversee the delivery of the contracted services.
  • WE will do whatever it takes to make sure your wedding runs smoothly according to your vision.
  • WE become your right hand throughout the entire process. So that you and your families can relax and enjoy your special day!

This wedding took place at Clubs of Prestonwood in Dallas. It was a lovely wedding and the thing I remember most is the beautiful golf course scenery for the ceremony and the bride and groom driving in the golf cart as the ceremony ended.



Photo credit: Amy Herfurth Photography, Florist: Branching Out Floral, Cakes: Delicious Cakes

Weddings are our passion.  Let us help you to make your dream a reality!









You have been engaged for some time and have been working diligently on planning your wedding. You have hired all the vendors, signed the contracts and made most of the planning decisions. Now, how do you put it all together?

At this point you may want to consider a professional to handle the logistics on the day of your wedding and to ensure you a totally stress-free wedding day.

Contrary to popular belief, a “Day of” coordinator does not just show up on the day of and magically manages everything. A professional planner actually enters into the wedding planning during the final month of preparation or even 6-8 weeks before the wedding, so they can understand your overall vision, review your vendor contracts, create timelines and confirm all vendor commitments.

You may get a price quote that may seem very attractive, but beware of anyone who says they can handle the “Day of” only. Any reputable professional will agree that there is no way to understand your vision in a few quick meetings. It also doesn’t make sense for a planner to show up on the wedding day and be expected to run the show without knowing a lot of the details and without preparing for it.

All the “meticulous research” in the world won’t be able to help you deal with the inevitable issues that occur the day of the event and more importantly, make the right choices in the planning stages. Every piece of the puzzle must fit together and there is only one chance to make it right.

The same way you use an accountant to prepare your taxes or work with a lawyer to prepare contracts, you use a trained wedding planner to help you with your wedding.

On average, a planner may work 30-40 hours before the week of the wedding arrives. This would include answering questions, creating the timeline, final meetings with the venue and the vendors, reviewing floor-plans, coordination of deliveries, set-up, break down, confirming final payments, going over every little detail to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

The professional planner will schedule all that needs to happen on the wedding day including pre-wedding/post-wedding formal pictures. They will let everyone know where to be and at what time including ushers and wedding party. The more preparation is done before and the more is anticipated and taken into consideration before the wedding day, the better and smoother the day will flow.

More and more vendors (photographers, videographers, caterers etc.) are encouraging brides to hire a professional planner and some vendors even offer brides a discount if they do have a planner. This is because without a wedding planner, these vendors end up doing more than they were hired for and often need to resolve a last-minute problem that came up on the wedding day, which has nothing to do with the services these vendors offer. They would much rather be able to focus on doing what you hired them to do, because they are good at what they do! Your planner will take care of the smallest details and will work alongside all your vendors as a team to make your wedding a memorable event!

Be a guest at your own wedding and hire a professional to handle the logistics leading up to your wedding day and on the actual day itself.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and enjoyment on your special day!  

You deserve it!

Sil Azevedo Photography

Jennifer Lipshy Photography

Ashley Rutland Photography

Marty Perlman Photography

Amy Herfurth Photography, Branching Out Floral















New year, new wedding trends! 2017, when outside the box is not enough.

New year, new wedding trends! 2017, when outside the box is not enough.

2017 is here – where outside the box, is not enough for these brides and they are raising the bar! This year is opting for a tale of organic flow, with rich colors and a touch of glamour.Let’s take a look at the years two most influential design trends! First, Pantone’s color of the year is GREEN. Sprawling greenery with splashes of peach, ivory and blush tones are filling the wedding blogs.  One of the other popular color palettes are bold burgundies paired with neutral metallics and a hint of green or navy – take your pick! The new bouquets are loose, organic and etherial. Rather than a tightly tied ribbon around the stems, we see long, flowing lace in neutral shades. When it comes to the reception and tables cape we see layers on layers. Tables are not complete without textured overlays, chargers, and abundance of florals and specialty stemware. In 2017, remember – more is more!

This WER bride was ahead of the greenery trend last year! Here are some images from a Hickory Street Annex wedding we coordinated. To see more from this gallery click here! To view more 2017 trends we love click here to see our Pinterest page.


Real Weddings: Sarah + Jared {a modern Jewish wedding}

Real Weddings: Sarah + Jared {a modern Jewish wedding}

This bride and groom took their guests on a journey. From an etherial, outdoor ceremony to an elegant and candlelit reception. Debbie Jewesson with Branching Out Events knocked it out of the park with this chuppah! The whimsical beauty of this piece had us swooning. Jordan Kahn’s band had guest of all ages dancing the night away. This event was everything a wedding should be – love, beauty, party and great lasting memories! To see more images from this wedding click here!

Floral: Branching Out Events

Band: Jordan Kahn Orchestra

Photographer: Amy Hurferth Photography

Venue: The Clubs of Prestonwood

Photo Booth: Plush Photo Pod

Wedding Cake: Delicious Wedding Cakes

Event Rental: M & M Special Events Company

Real Weddings: Ariana + Matt { You had me at geology}



Ari and Matt met and fell in love when they realized they had a mutual passion for geology. Together we developed the style and theme of the wedding based on the couple’s unique style and interests. From the names of the reception tables to the hand placed stones on the ketubah, geology was the running theme throughout the wedding. To see more from this gallery click here!

Photographer: Lightbox Photography

DJ: Le Force Entertainment

Floral: Fleurs De France

Wedding Cake: Frosted Art Bakery

Food: A Taste of the World Catering